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Pierre Wissmer

AMPW . Action Musicale Pierre WISSMER

Action Musicale Pierre Wissmer was founded in 1995 under the aegis of the Fondation de France with the purpose of making the very diverse œuvre of this original composer more widely known. Numerous concerts, several recordings, articles and publications testify to the vitality of the association.

AMPW supports all projects emanating from orchestras, instrumental ensembles or soloists, pertaining to its purpose.

The AMPW committee :

            President : Fabrice Grégorutti
            Secretary : Anne de Fornel
            Treasurer : Marc-Antoine Novel

Head office : 

            Action Musicale Pierre Wissmer
           6 rue de Canteau
           79500 Melle

If you would like to submit a concert or recording project involving compositions by Pierre Wissmer, please send a full dossier with the detailed project to Action Musicale Pierre Wissmer (see address above). The annual submission closing date is November 30.

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